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Dental Regeneration Demonic Potion Candle

$100.00 $225.00

"Dental Regeneration Demonic Candle"

7th Witch House introduces the "Dental Regeneration Demonic Candle." This powerful demonic potion candle, artfully shaped into a pristine white tooth, embodies the essence of dental healing and restoration.

Bound to Lucifer and the Royal Demon Marbas, known for his powers of healing and transformation, this candle is a conduit for those seeking to mend and rejuvenate their dental health, utilizing the power of regeneration to help halt and counteract the effects of decay and disease. It targets dry mouth issues, and reduces the presence of acid-producing bacteria, while maintaining a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the mouth, which is an important factor in preventing tooth decay.

The power within the demonic ritual you will perform is focused on helping with the recovery of your dental wellness, helping those under its influence, (and along side healthy brushing habits,) enjoy the potential benefits of strengthened enamel, reversal of cavities, brightening of discoloration, and healing of gum disease, alongside help with relief from the pain and agony of exposed nerves.

Each illumination from its flame signals a progression towards optimal oral health, offering a sanctuary from dental afflictions and a promise of restoration.

The "Dental Regeneration Demonic Candle" is a powerful tool for restoration."

Priced on a limited time sale at $100, this candle is a declaration of your capability to harness profound forces for the sake of wellbeing, a symbol of your authority to invoke significant positive change in the lives of those you choose to assist.

Let the "Dental Regeneration Demonic Candle" stand as your guardian of health, your instrument of benevolent transformation, ensuring that the blessing of dental regeneration is not just envisioned, but profoundly experienced by those who are touched by its light.

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