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Desire Me Deadly Love Potion


Our “Desire Me Deadly Attraction Potion” is perhaps one of our strongest infatuation, passion, sex and love oils that we offer. 

At 7th Witch House our over 200+ products have boasted well over 2000 5 star reviews and several thousand very happy customers worldwide, including many Celebrities 

This potion will make your target barely able to concentrate on anything without an image of you popping up in their mind. This will make your target dream of sex with you and may even make them avoid sex with others.
This will make them desperately want you and fantasize about sex and even a future with you while awake as well.
You will have to show interest as well to fully reap the benefits of this.

This potion’s strength comes from it’s tie to Demons: Eros (love), Bastet (Beauty), and Hedona (Sex and infatuation)

This potions strength is also derived from it’s powerful pure ingredients including crushed crystal, 24k gold, crushed garnet, pure extracts, jezebel oil, and multiple Magickal root extracts that act as major offerings to these Demons.

This is best used with a target that you have a budding relationship with or are in contact with. The less obstacles in the way of your relationship the better. This can work for men or women.


  • Scratch first and last name of target into a red chime candle.
  • Drop 12 drops of potion on the wick of that red chime candle.
  • Light for 12 mins.
  • Focus your intention on the flame and imagine your target wildly obsessing over you and wanting only you in an unquenchable thirst of desire.
  • Discard candle afterward.
  • Repeat weekly or as needed.

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