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Are you ready to take your Demonic Magick to the new depths? If yes, enroll in the official advanced hex and spell casting course of The Order.

This course will teach you the most advanced hexes and Demonic spell casting known to man. Learn how to bind, enchant, hex, and cast on behalf of yourself and professionally by Demonic Magick Expert and Best Selling Author Ashley Otori.

You will receive 4 months of weekly lessons/spells and professional Demonic training, with personal help and guidance from Ashley Otori and her respected T.A.: Peter S who has over 20+ years in experience within the field.

You will also receive a book of printed spells and a guide to follow along in class.

Join now! Spots are highly limited.

Sign up now at:

Enrollment is now open for class starting on 10/29/21.

***Course is non-refundable***

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