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Diamond Line Potion Bomb Set

$100.00 $300.00

7th Witch House proudly presents our brand new Diamond Line Subscription Potion Bomb Set! 

💎Each Diamond Line potion bath bomb gives 3 days of effects, and can be broken up 3 different times for three separate uses! 

Each Diamond Line Potion Bomb is also combine with our Diamond Potion “Accelerator,” to give extreme effects quickly. 

💎💎💎 No need to use in a bath! Simply washing your hands for 2 minutes in the bath bomb solution will do! 

This set includes bath bombs made with our best selling potions:

1. Pecunia Fortuna

2. Opiate

3. Chasing the Dragon

If you are a subscription box buyer, then you will receive one. If you would like to purchase another, or do not have a subscription, you may purchase here.

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