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Elite Clown Hex

$250.00 $750.00

Elite Clown Hex

If someone is acting funny with you, then be hilarious. 🤡

Ever had someone thrive off of your love or hard work, just to end up neglecting or betraying you? Perhaps they love punishing you with silence and stonewalling. Time to make this moment loudly hilarious. 💀

For those who have suffered while others reveled, for the wounded seeking more than just closure—seeking justice—Elite Clown emerges from the shadows, ready to cast its comedic darkness on the clown in your life.

Bound to Demons: Prince Belial, Valac, and Sabnock, of the Royal Legion, this potion is tailored for the scorned souls desiring to turn the tables on those who reveled in their misfortune.

Envision the very ones who laughed at your fall, now ensnared in a tumultuous theater of their own making.

Every step they take, once filled with audacious confidence, now teeters on the brink of a precipice of failure that they can't see.

As the shadows of the Elite Clown stretch forth, their world becomes a twisted carnival where certainty dissolves and trust in their reality disintegrates.

The arrogant plots they hatched? Engulfed in the mists of chaos.

• Their smug satisfaction? Crushed beneath the weight of relentless anicety and hallucinations.

• The hurtful things they said? Now haunt their dreams.

• Their professional hopes and aspirations? Now a side show public failure.

• Their presence and public sway? Laughable at best

• Be sure to laugh heartily as their luck and wealth suddenly becomes yours. 

The Elite Clown doesn't merely play tricks—it entraps, crafting a terrifying opera of disarray, hitting from all angles, where they are the unwilling stars of their own tragedy that they cannot escape until they make it right with you. 

Let their neglect be replaced with hushed gasps of disbelief. Become the orchestrator of their impending descent.

A limited set of 15 potions is silently beckoning. Offer them a taste of their own medicine.

$250. Draw the curtains on their charade now at:”

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