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Elite Retirement and Securities

$1,400.00 $3,500.00

Our grandest, most efficient, and most sought after line of wealth potions is finally available to the public on the site for a limited time! 💎

Elite is our “Millionaire’s Potion” line, and has been so successfully used by many to achieve their absolute top dreams in wealth. It does not matter where you start, or what channels of wealth you already have.

This particular Elite potion is (not) pact, but it is bound with Lucifer, Choronzon, and Mammon for people who want to create large wealth channels or investments that will make them secure in even retirement, as well as developing generational wealth despite prior negative circumstances. 

This is wonderful for people who have made financial mistakes in the past or who may have more limited options or time as far as creation of wealth channels go.  

Even if you’ve lost many wealth channels, find divorced, or fired after many years of devoting your life to a company, or have found your job phased out, or maybe due to life and circumstance, you’ve lost your future security. 

This potion best fits someone trying to rebuild from the ground up, or who is finding their options extremely limited, and their window of opportunity closing.  

You will receive instructions and two different rituals for this potion. You will also receive an acceleration ritual for time sensitive situations. 

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