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Emergency Coping Demonic Potion Diffuser

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Emergency Coping Demonic Potion Diffuser

This premier potion diffuser is a lifeline for the neurodivergent, and/or those who struggle with anxiety, depression, mania, outbursts, anger issues, paranoia, and more. This incredible potion bound to Sitri can calm and soothe the mind, mood, or restlessness of anyone having a behavior or mental fit. 
This potion works with the Royal Demon who is bound to demonically make one feel a blanket of calm, safety, and steady happiness. 

This potion diffuser works extremely fast for the entire home, and needs to be renewed as needed, or every 5 days.

This set will also include a 40 hour wax melt of the emergency coping potion to use as a booster. 

All instructions included. 

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