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Eros Invocation of Sexual Confidence


Have you destroyed your sex life due to the record of self given insults that you have constantly playing on loop in your mind? 
Are you unable to orgasm or enjoy yourself during sexual because you can’t stop thinking about how you look? 

Do you often feel like you physically don’t measure up?

You're not alone, and 7th Witch House is so honored to bring you a solution in the Eros Invocation of Sexual Confidence. 

Eros is well respected Demon of the Intermediary Legion from the line of Asmodeus. Eros is most skilled in hypnotic obsession, extreme lust, extreme confidence and mind control.
An invocation with Eros can help silence the negative voices in your mind during and leading up to sex. During sex, this invocation can also make you look like the sexiest versions of yourself possible to your mate.

Most report feeling an incredible glow, energy, charisma, confidence, and healing during invocation. Many also often report their mate being completely obsessed with them during invocation! 🔥
You will also be less likely to self-sabatoge your relationship and sexual opportunities. 

Act now! Only 35 of these exist! 

Metal: white gold over silver 

Stone: Amythest and white sapphire 

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