The Order

Evil Eye Belial Hex Potion


Has someone gained from your misfortune? Has someone taken advantage of you and hurt you, all to benefit themselves?

Have Belial settle the score!

Be your own Karma and restore rightful order!
Be no ones’ doormat ever again!

This potion will bring severe misfortune to those who have wronged you in the form of loss of finances, favor, fame, health, love, and much more.

The evil eye is known as a stare, glare, or gaze with malice behind it. However it is also a powerful curse.
The typical target of an evil eye curse is someone who is more fortunate than others or who seems to be overflowing in luck, mainly at your expense or misfortune.

Greedy and unrighteously successful people are often the subject of the Evil Eye today as much as in ancient times. Many cultures, including the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Mesopotamian cultures deeply believed in the dangers of the evil eye.


  • Do not for any reason get any on your skin.
  • Carve target's name on black candle. Anoint candle with approximately 6 drops of oil.
  • Light candle for 6 minutes.
  • Be careful not to come into contact with any of the curse potions.

You are advised to wear gloves in order to prevent accidental contact.

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