The Order

Fake Bitch Hex Potion


Do you have a snake in the grass amongst your friends list?

Do you feel like there hidden enemies within your inner circle? Are you sick passive aggressive vague-book posts?

Baby do we have the potion for you! This amazingly potent potion bound to Azazel, Vine and Gremori will expose frenemies and fake bitches alike.

Only 6 drops of this astonishingly effective potion in use, and your frenemy or enemy will completely expose themselves to you verbally or in writing.


  • Scratch the name of the questionable person (target) into a black chime candle and drop 6 drops of potion onto the wick.
  • Light wick and focus your intention on the flame while imagining your target immediately ratting on themselves to your face regardless their indiscretions toward you.
  • Allow candle to burn for a minimum of 6 minutes before distinguishing flame and disposing of candle. 

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