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Fast Luck Geode Bath Bomb

World famous and best-selling “Fast Luck” oil is back and this time in a bomb! A little bit of luck can be life-changing and this potion is designed to unleash a flood of good luck and fortune into your life.

This is a very versatile potion bomb suitable for a multitude of needs. Don't be afraid to get creative with it! Use it all at once or feel free to break it up for multiple uses!
This potion has a 98% success rate amongst hundreds of buyers.
Now it is in the form of a super packed potion bomb! Effects good for 1 week so use it prior to auditions, dates, interviews, or when you just need your luck to turn around!

No need for a candle or special spell, all spellwork is done for you! Just drop it in the water or let it melt in your hand in the shower and let the potion run all over your body! 🧪

Made with all organic materials, fast luck potion and crushed amethyst!

Limited quantity so get it before it’s gone!

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