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Find Your Purpose Magick Potion


“Find Your Purpose” is an incredible new potion packed with 24k gold and devoted to Demon “Pan” that gives one a sense of clarity in what they are meant to do in life and what path to take. Many people are stuck in situations that feel like a dead end and don’t know what the best direction to take next is. This is your solution.

This can be used to give clarity to find your best career path, choosing the right place to live, choosing a college, choosing or finding a romantic partner, or this can be used as a super road opener!

This potion can also be used in conjunction with wealth potions to find clarity on the avenues you should take to find mass wealth.


  • You will anoint the wick of a white chime candle with your name carved in it and light for 12 minutes.
  • Say Pan’s name 3 times and then begin speaking to him and letting him know your struggles and confusion about where to turn for your various struggles.
  • After saying what you feel, meditate on the flame on your future for the remainder of the 12 minutes 

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