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Frejya Invocation of Sorcery


Frejya Invocation of Sorcery

👑 Freyja is a grand and beloved member of the intermediary Legion and highly celebrated goddess among Norse paganism.

As the former companion of Odin, this goddess is a master of many talents.  Freyja most certainly knows her worth, and is a perfectionist at mastery in all forms. She especially enjoys using her transmutative qualities to thrive and breakthrough difficult barriers.

She is a beauty who is not afraid of war, and can help you through your own personal battles, while still growing you emotionally and in beauty and prosperity.  Freyja is a master of all forms of magick, and she can help make you one as well.
An invocation of Freyja can be overwhelming and life changing.

An invocation with Freyja can also certainly help you master her specialties as well as honor and build a relationship with her. 

Frejya’s specialties include:

• Shapeshifting

• Beauty 

• War

• Fighting against emotional attacks and maintaining mental health

• Telepathy 

• Fertility

• Divination 

• Wealth

• Persuasion

•Mastery of Magick and Alchemy

If you are serious about this path, this is most certainly an invocation not to be missed.

Her invocation piece took over 5 months to develop by top jewelry makers and was hand designed by the owner of 7th Witch House herself to honor Freyja. 

This is an honorary invocation with a 10 carat pink sapphire, miossanite, and white gold plated sterling silver. 


Don’t walk, run toward this beautiful opportunity. 

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