The Order

Full Throttle Potion


Sick and tired of being the only one putting in 💯? Do you often get taken advantage of in work, friendship, or love settings? Have you had enough of watching someone claim to care, but not show it? Do you have someone who makes excuses for not putting in more effort? 
We have your solution! 
This potion will light a figurative fire under someone’s hind parts to get them to put in significantly more effort regardless of the situation. You can use this for love, work colleagues, family, or friends. 
Motivate them to MOVE with this fantastic Demonically bound potion attached to High Demons Orobas and Dantalion! 

How to use: 

Place 6 drops of potion on a silver chime candle with your target’s name scratched into the side. Light for 6 minutes and focus intention on flame. 

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