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Get Over Yourself Anti-Narcissism Potion Set


💎Get Over Yourself Anti-Narcissism Potion Set 💎

🧜🏻This brand new powerful potion uses Belial and Pan to humble and calm even the most dedicated of self-gloating Narcissists.

🧞‍♂️Narcissism is draining, painful, and hurtful to those around them. Narcissists typically also act like energetic vampires and consume all that is good around them and then discarding those abused like trash. Narcissists can particularly be painful to deal with in love and coparenting situations. 

🧜‍♀️Because they typically are rewarded through life by such assertive mannerisms, and the empaths who love them, they have little reason to ever change. This potion also makes them stubborn and difficult magick targets. 

🧜🏻Well they have finally met their match! This potion will catch them off guard and make them humble themselves and consider the feelings of those around them more. It will also help heal them of their emptiness, so they don’t so much feel the need to cut others around them down just to feel better. This potion will also take down their defenses to your other magickal workings so you can further cast your will. 

How to use: 

You may burn this potion on a silver candle bi weekly or as needed. Place 12 drops of potion on wick with your target’s name carved into the side of candle and burn for 12 minutes while speaking your intention into candle.


Potion Spray:
Do 1-3 sprays of “Anti-Narcissism Potion Spray” on target or targets water safe belongings daily or as needed to give accelerated boosters of this potion.


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