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Guanyin Invocation of Empathy


Do you struggle with empathy and compassion, or find yourself often having people not showing compassion or empathy towards you? Have you been treated unfair and overlooked? This is the invocation for you!

The 7th Witch House is extremely proud to present to you the Guanyin Invocation of Empathy. 

Guanyin is a widely celebrated Intermediary of the Royal Legion. She has been honored and worshipped across cultures and time under different names and had her various abilities called upon by millions. Most will be both surprised and pleased to find out she is an Intermediary representing Empathy, Grace, Compassion and Mercy.

Guanyin has many abilities, but the ones attached to this invocation ritual are her abilities to give you better empathy, emotional intelligence and awareness, emotional trauma healing, and the ability to open up and be protected while vulnerable and authentic. 
She can help you to love yourself again and to command kindness and softness from others toward you. Guanyin’s abilities can make people do things for you, give things to you, make decisions in your favor, or give you second chances. It can also make you stop self hatred and have you finally celebrate what you see in the mirror. She can also help you to have more compassion and connection to the emotional needs of others. 

If you have not yet worked with Guanyin, now is the time.
You will receive her 7 day renewable spell of invocation to be used with this necklace if you choose to invoke her.
These are made with white gold plated pure silver and Emerald. 
Don’t miss out!

Necklace Type: Guanyin Invocation of Empathy.  
Main Stone: Emerald  
Metals Type: White gold over Sterling Silver
Metal Stamp: 925 Silver
Chain Type: Necklace
Main Stone Size: Bamboo with Emerald Leaves
Ring size: 

****Only the Silver and Green Bamboo Leaf option is available for this Necklace***

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