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Have A Super Day Potion Candle


🐝Have A Super Day Potion Candle🐝 

This fantastic new potion candle is bound to 7th and Nyx and the newest part of our kids potion line 💗 

Just light this powerful fruity scented potion candle 3 minutes per day to help your little one have a joyful, confident and protected day. This potion candle is great for little and big kids (adults) alike and is filled with a mixture of overjoyed, confidence, and 7th protection potion! 

This can help your little one to feel calm and joyful for 12-24 hrs at a time! 

Instructions will be provided. 
*For adult use only on behalf of a child. Not to be lit by children, and not meant to be lit without a responsible parent/guardian present. Child cannot light the candle. 

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