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Hedona Invocation of Shapeshifting Necklace


7th Witch House has design for you a stunning limited edition White Sapphire Invocation masterpiece called the “Invocation of Shapeshifting and Sexual Enchantment.” 


This gorgeous Invocation necklace is enchanted and bound to Intermediary Demon Hedona. 


Hedona is an extremely well known high Demon of the Intermediary Demonic Legion who is a major cornerstone of Sex, Pleasure, Shapeshifting, and a source of Confidence, Radiance and Self Love. 


The word “Hedonism” comes from Hedona and means: (In pursuit of sexual pleasure) 


Hedona is responsible for activating the most powerful Disguise, Sex Beauty and Passion potions for 7th Witch House including: Hypnotic, Incognito, Extreme Shapeshifting, and Sexual Magnetism.

An invocation of Hedona is powerful enough to make you look entirely different to potential sexual encounters. She also has the ability to open the minds of others to be able to sway even non interested or opposite orientation parties to suddenly want you beyond reason. 


You will be able to use your sexual prowess to demand what you want from someone and have them view you as the answer to their fantasies. Your inhibitions will be removed and you will be able to command sexual attention like never before.

This necklace will not only help you attract the qualities and abilities of Hedona and magnetic sexual prowess on it’s own, but you can use this to Invoke Hedona (if you choose) for extreme results and assistance with her related magick! 

You will receive her spell of invocation to be used with this necklace (if you choose) to invoke her.

These are made with White Sapphire and White Gold plated Sterling Silver.


Only 40 of these have been made and when they are gone, they are GONE! These will not restock anytime in the near future. 

Don’t miss out! 


Necklace Type: White Gold and White Sapphire 

Main Stone: White Sapphire

Side Stones: White Sapphire  

Metals Type: Sterling Silver, White Gold

Metal Stamp: Silver

Chain Type: Necklace 

Main Stone Size: 2 carats 


****Only the Silver/White Gold with White Sapphire option is available for this necklace****

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