The Order

Kink Sex Magick Potion


Have a boring sex life? Do you feel too insecure to dress up or role play? This amazingly potent potion bound to Lilith, Beleth and Hedona will insure that you have the hottest and kinkiest Valentines Day ever!
Turn up the heat with this potion that can double as a massage oil to open the mind of you AND your partner to let go of fears, insecurities and anxieties related to wild sex and will help you act out your wildest fantasies.

This potion will make you feel energized, yet relaxed enough to open up sexually in the wildest ways.
Each potion comes with a great pair of fun fuzzy cuffs to help you and your love begin experimenting.


Scratch your own name and your sexual partners name into a red chime candle and drop 6 drops of potion onto the wick. Light wick and focus your intention on the flame while imagining yourself being overwhelmed with opportunities of you and your love being romantically open and experimental.

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