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Lift the Veil Potion - Diamond Line


Do you know someone that needs to be exposed? Do you have a loved one who needs to finally see the truth about someone so that they can break away? Do you see fakeness and lies where everyone else sees something they respect? 

This never before released to the public Diamond Line potion is available for a flash sale due to high demand. This potion is bound to Dantalion and Lucifer....and is by far the most powerful product you will ever use to accomplish either:

1. Exposing someone for who they really are and expose their intentions to all around them.


2. Getting a specific target to see someone and their intentions for what they really are. 

This potion is neither a hex or a self help potion. This potion simply peels away the layers of falsity and lies that cover ones intentions and nature. This potion can both act extremely helpful or extremely harmful depending on what you are making the potion reveal. 

Because this is a Diamond line potion, you are expected to use this with extreme caution, open package with gloves on, and DO NOT EVER get this potion on yourself because it is irreversible and you just may reveal your own skeletons in the closet ;) 

This potion is beyond potent and powerful and tends to work right away. Most targets will give shocking accidental confessions and/or their actions will suddenly match their intentions to where all can see. The results are remarkable. 

Potion will come with three separate spells for various situations. 

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