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Limited Edition Protection Box

$125.00 $550.00


🎩 Limited Edition Leviathan Protection Box🎩

🛕Since before time was even measured, Leviathan has been a grand Deity of protection. Leviathan protects the Demonic Legion, and is the messenger between Demon and Angels. 
Leviathan is a master at clearing spaces, taking away negative energies, demonic and angelic exorcisms, protection, and uncrossing. 

For a limited time, you’ll get the chance to have complete all around demonic protection. 

This kit includes: 💎💎💎

🎩Leviathan Anti-Angelic/Anti-Negativity combo Mini Potion

🎩 Uncrossing Potion Spray

🎩 Leviathan Protection Palo Potion Car Diffuser

🎩 Uncrossing Potion Roller

🎩 Mini Anti-Negativity Potion Bar

🎩 Selenite Offering for Leviathan

🎩 Leviathan Sigil 

🎩 7WH White Chime Candle

🎩 Leviathan Protection Ritual 

🎩 Black Hard Case Geometric Case  

This phenomenal kit is only $125 for over $500 in product!


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