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Mammon’s Mirage

$125.00 $350.00

Mammon’s Mirage.

Unleash the terrifying power of 7th Witch House's latest diabolical creation - "Mammon's Mirage". Designed to ensnare and manipulate, this sinister potion is demonically bound to Mammon, the relentless demon of wealth, known for his destructive influences of greed in hexes. Crafted to perfection, this golden elixir prompts its target to surrender to a vortex of relentless obsessions, fruitless pursuits, and the ceaseless quest for transient wealth.

"Mammon's Mirage" transcends the typical; it's a nefarious harbinger of chaos, sowing the seeds of self-destruction in its wake. When the black chime candle wick, touched by this potent potion, springs to life, it gives rise to an insatiable thirst for more within the target. Blinded by the mirage of untold wealth, they turn a blind eye to their existing blessings, becoming slaves to their cravings, forsaking all that is genuine and valuable in their lives.

Under the menacing influence of "Mammon's Mirage", the target becomes a puppet, dancing on the strings of futile desires. Their existence, once vibrant and meaningful, is now haunted by the specter of unfulfilled aspirations. Precious time, energy, and even their essence are wasted in pursuit of elusive dreams, while their cherished relationships decay, and their principles are cast aside.

Housed in an opulent 1-ounce bottle, "Mammon's Mirage" is both a symbol of diabolical allure and a conduit for demonic forces. The usage is deceivingly simple - anoint the wick of a black chime candle, ignite it, and witness as Mammon's malevolent influence seeps into reality, wreaking its devastating havoc.

Committed to offering nothing but the exceptional, 7th Witch House is introducing this formidable potion as part of a limited edition release of just 25 bottles.

Available at $125, this purchase is not merely a transaction - it's a pact with the dark forces of demonic magic, promising an experience that is as profound as it is haunting.

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