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Manic Potion


Do you have burnout or depression? Are the you type of tired that a nap won’t fix? Then this is the potion for you! This potion created by Ashley Otori and powered by High Royal Demon Osiris to blast through prolonged periods of sluggish non-creativity, anger or sadness and can throw you into a manic high. This can be highly useful in the right moments. This can also be used when you have burnout at work and/or need to feel that passion and creativity again so you can increase profits and work flow. 

How to use:

To use for lifting of your mood:

Inscribe your name on white candle and put 6 drops of potion on wick and light for 12 minutes

To use for boost in your company, job, or business:

Inscribe your name on gold candle and put 12 drops of potion on wick and light for 24 minutes. 



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