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Marchosias Invocation of Anti self-destruction


🧠Marchosias Invocation of Anti Self-Destruction 🧠

The core beliefs and habits of the subconscious are typically our worst enemy when it comes to wanting to live a better, more successful, or healthier life.
Much of the subconscious mind is typically programmed during childhood.
Depending much on that early environment you could lead a successful and productive life, or one filled with struggle, addictions, fear, toxic behaviors, and worse. We spend much of our lives coping with these beliefs through various means. Sometimes those means are not helpful and can be self-destructive.

If you are seeking help for these issues through Demonic Magick then we have what you need. 

The 7th Witch House is extremely proud to present to you the Marchosias Invocation of Anti Self-Destruction.

Marchosias is a highly respected Royal Demon amongst the Legion and is responsible assisting those who need help with reprogramming their subconscious, to beat addictions, self-destructive habits and toxic behaviors.

This invocation will help you take on the abilities of Marchosias which include, but are not limited to: 

• Assisting in ending addictions

• Assisting in giving you confidence and courage to stand up for yourself. 

• Assists in weight loss / weight gain/ physical changes by helping end addictive struggles with food.

• Helps you be more responsible for your actions and less toxic

• Can help fade the memories of toxic abuse and end cycles

• Helps you be able to confidently speak, negotiate, and ask for what you want. 

• Helps you develop better coping skills when upset

• Helps you stop seeking to do self harm, self hate, and self sabatoge. 


This invaluable invocation piece will give you an unbelievable chance to tap into the subconscious and reprogram prior core beliefs that have been holding you back. 

If you have not yet worked with Marchosias, now is the time. 
You will receive his 7 day renewable spell of invocation to be used with this necklace if you choose to invoke him.

These are made with pure white sapphire and white gold over Sterling Silver. 
Don’t miss out!


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