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Medusa Invocation Necklace


7th Witch House has designed for you this fine handcrafted sterling silver and 14k white gold plated Invocation of Perseverance and Beauty.
This invocation is going to be done through Demon Medusa.
Medusa is a highly regarded intermediary Demon of the Intermediary Legion and who is responsible for activating the most powerful beauty and strength spells and potions for 7th Witch House including Medusa, Get your Ex Back, Immortality, Indestructibility, and Everlasting Beauty.

Medusa was wrongfully persecuted for her beauty and for being raped. She now stands for all who have experienced wrongful persecution. An invocation of Medusa is powerful enough to bring your transgressors to their knees and give you an apology or beg for your forgiveness. They may also experience extreme guilt, shame, and near insanity if they have mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually abused you.
All the while giving you confidence, healing, restoration, self love, beauty and youthfulness. .

You will receive her spell of invocation to be used with this necklace if you choose to invoke Medusa.
These are made with pure silver, 14k gold, and White Sapphire to honor Medusa.

Only 30 of these have been made so when they are gone, they are gone!
Don’t miss out!

Necklace Type: White Sapphire
Invocation of Perseverance and Beautu
Main Stone: White Sapphire
Metals Type: Sterling Silver and white gold
Metal Stamp: Silver
Chain Type: Necklace
Main Stone Size: 1.5 carats
Ring size: Adjustable

****Only the White Sapphire and white gold option is available for this Necklace****


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