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Midas Touch Intention Candle (Female)

These ritual candles are to be used on a female target alone or along with your wealth spell of choice.

This 9 inch candle is combined with demonic evocation and Midas Touch to give your target a very concentrated shot of all of the phenomenal abilities of our famous Midas Touch oil.

You do not need to use oil on this candle since it is already lace with Midas. However, this candle also gives you the ability to use multiple wealth potions on the same target without changing candles.
***This candle is to be used on a woman or can be used by a woman for self wealth rituals.

For people who identify as a woman, this is to be used for you as well. Always do magick in the form you most closely identify with.

To use: Inscribe your target’s name on the back of candle and light for 6 minutes at a time.

You may also anoint wick with 6 drops of 7th Witch House wealth potion of your choice and light for 6 minutes.
You can continue to use this candle with various potions as long as the target remains the same.

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