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Mirage Magick Potion


Mirage is a miraculous new potion to the 7th Witch House like that makes you able to tolerate and enjoy sex with an undesirable target.
This can be used for sex workers, sugar babies, arranged marriages, or relationships where physical attraction is no longer present. This can also be used in situation where sex is necessary, but sexual orientation lines are blurred.
This will make the act of sex easier, more relaxed and enjoyable.

This will also make your target see you as incredibly desirable as well. This can be used by men and women alike and is beyond potent, as it is controversial.

If you need it, you will know right away that you do.

At its most potent, it can allow you to comfortably have sex with any prospect of age. At its least potent, it can fan the flames of a dwindled attraction between you and your lover.


  • Instructions:
  • Apply 6 drops on the wick of a red chime candle after inscribing the first and last name of your target into side of the chime candle. Place candle upright on fire safe dish.
  • Light candle.
  • Allow candle to burn for 6 minutes while relaxing into a meditative state. Staring into the flame and while imagining yourself being incredibly attracted to your target and and enjoying having fulfilling sensual or sexual encounters with your target. Imagine them as far more attractive than they are. Additionally imagine them being incredibly enamored with you sexually and seeing you in your most attractive form possible and worshipping your body.
  • Blow out candle after 6 minutes.
  • Discard candle in trash after usage.
  • Perform spell within 48 hours of sex with your target. Spell is effective for 2 weeks/14 days.

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