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Money Talks


Money Talks 💚
This powerful magick potion is demonically bound to Caishen, Demon of Prosperity and Influence. When used properly, it grants a person the ability to wield immense influence and wealth through their words. (Spoken and written)

Whether in marketing, influencing, advertising for personal endeavors, this special potion increases the caster’s power of persuasion tenfold over any rivals and competitors.


It instills confidence and clarity of thought, enabling them to become a master orator, writer and influencer, with the power to sway others and obtain whatever they desire.

With its help, one can achieve great fame and attention as well as tremendous wealth, all through the use of their words. This remarkable potion is an invaluable asset for anyone who wishes to stand out and succeed in their chosen field!

Do not miss out on this wildly limited edition green diamond potion! ! 

$250 Buy it now at: 

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