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Naamah Shapeshifting and Youth Potion - Diamond Line


💎 Naamah Shapeshifting and Youth Potion 💎

This powerful Diamond Line glamour potion is bound with High Royal Entity Naamah.   

As we age we have certain things happen to face and body that even surgery can’t easily hide. Our faces elongate, noses swell, eyes hollow, pores enlarge, hair thins, eyelashes get bald patches, lips thin, etc.  

This potion can change the appearance of these aging shifts and for a month at a time make your features appear to be drastically back to their respective youthful places. This change is dramatic and can make one look up to 10-20 years younger for a month at a time. 
This potion can also help to visibly undo years of self damage through not taking care of yourself and health properly. 

All instructions and candles will be included with this potion. 

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