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Naamah Complete Wrath and Retaliation Hex Potion


This potion will both give you the bravery and strength to fully go after someone who has done you wrong, and this potion will also absolutely seek complete poverty, complete loss of love, and complete loss of health from an enemy who has intentionally caused you severe harm. 

This is the end all be all of hex potions

****This potion will also challenge an invocation of another who may be using this to cause harm. Decision on this potion will fall to justice, and the one who has intentionally struck an innocent party first will not be protected under invocation with this potion. Additionally, no one being guarded by any other magick or entities can avoid this curse either.


You will carve the target’s name on a black candle and add 6 drops of the potion on the wick of the candle. Place candle in the center of the sigil and light for 6 minutes.

While the candle is lit, recite the following spell three times:

Adducere, et scopum meum super inimicos iram et vade contra me.

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