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Nox Daemonium

$200.00 $250.00

                             🤍Nox Daemonium🤍

🔥This particularly special Diamond Line Potion Candle Serves as a conduit beacon to attract Demonic activity in abundance, provides an immediate cleansed space for ritual work, and serves as a warm invitation for not only your patron, but for any other Demons who wish to visit.

🤍 You will be supplied with an official “Opening of the Gates” ceremony. 

🔥You may feel an electric buzz in the air, a feeling of incredible protection, vastly charged ritual work, and very potential paranormal activity. 

🤍This exotic Luxury Demonic Candle is deliciously dark constellation of bold florals, warm amber and musky woods that is sure to captivate your senses.

🔥This candle is an extreme conduit, and serves as a superior offering due to it containing moldavite, meteorite, and crushed sapphire. 

Do not miss out. This is in extreme limited supply and takes 3 months to marinate to restock. 

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