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Odin Invocation of “Force and Fire”


🎇Odin Invocation of “Force and Fire”🎇

Odin is known in Norse Mythology as a Supreme God, and amongst the Legion as an Intermediary Demon from the line of Leviathan.
Odin however is supremely special because he is a double copy of Leviathan. Meaning he was not birthed of normal origins, and was created out of necessity. He therefore is just as strong as any Leviathan line Royal, and nearly as strong as Leviathan himself. Odin is the husband of Freyja and is still widely revered in Norse mythology today. 

Odin is a supreme being that is known for his phenomenal strength, divine abilities, and wisdom. 

Odin is fearless, a supreme warrior, protector, and divination. Odin can shapeshift, control minds, and foresee the future. Odin was also phenomenally strong and had the ability to make those around him feel the spark of life and feel purpose again. 
An invocation with Odin would make you feel and act like a force of nature that improves and protects the lives of others. In the invocation you would also have the protection of Odin and the enhanced ability of Divination and vastly increased discernment. Odin will help you escape hopeless situations and come out victorious against all odds. 

This necklace is bound through ritual to Odin and you will have the choice to do 7 day invocations with Odin at a time. You may repeat the invocation after 7 days if you wish.

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