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Pan's Grounding Potion


Everyone practicing magick needs to do proper grounding on a regular basis. Now you can ground quickly and safely with the aid of Pan and this special potion.

Can be used to enhance meditation or applied daily to maintain a more grounded state.

This is a must-have for anyone doing magick!


Carve target's name on a white candle. If doing spell directed at self, write your own name. Anoint candle w/ approximately 6 drops of oil. Light for a minimum of six minutes. You may also wear this potion by applying a drop behind each ear or on pulse points daily.

*All Spell work is done.

*We recommend using chime candles. We do not promise to include chime candles in orders, but oftentimes we do if several potions have been purchased.

*Buyer is responsible for all outcomes in relation to the potion used. Consuming or wearing potion is done at the buyer's own risk.

*Our oils are packaged in plain-colored padded envelopes with no mention of the logo or references to Magick. If you have any additional concerns, please feel free to message us.

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