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Pazuzu Pandemonium


Pazuzu Pandemonium

7th Witch House presents one of the fiercest Diamond line candles in the entire collection. 🔥 

Usable on 3 targets per serpent.

(Including but not limited to: )
😬 This sinfully dangerous Diamond Line Candle attached to Pazuzu will help demonically make a target a beacon for lowers, full possession, dental failure, extreme anxiety, massive weight gain, psychosis, paranoia, delusions, and cause upheaval to all they love and value. 

This particular ritual will get worse and more intense as they try to resist. 

🫢 Comes with spiral serpent candle, pazuzu pandemonium ritual, and potion for future boosters. 

⚠️ Must wear gloves ⚠️

*Will only have effects on adults

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