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Pecunia Fortuna


                          💎Pecunia Fortuna💎

      💎Diamond Line Potion Crystal Diffuser 💎

    • Pecunia Fortuna is a premier Diamond line potion connected to Choronzon, Clauneck and Lucifer through Demonic ritual that can help one receive swift and unexpected windfalls of cash.
    • One will find that they have considerably high increases in luck, opportunities, gifts, and generosity.
    • This diffuser will allow a constant and steady flow in your home of good financial fortune and positive financial energy.
    • You may also find that people of value, opportunity and generosity seek to come to your space.
    • You may also find that people of low value, or that seek to use you, flee from your life.
    • You will also feel a feeling of rejuvenation and motivation to greatly upgrade your life. This potion is unmatchable in nature and enhanced by belief.
    • You will receive an unbound bottle of this never before publicly released Diamond line potion, a 24k gold rimmed bell jar, glass, authentic Fluorite crystal, and a wooden base.  
    • Each dose will diffuse across your entire home and have it’s effects work for one week at a time until replenished.
    • *When you receive your diffuser, place the melting crystal gemstones in 24k gold rim glass. Place that glass onto the wood base of the bell jar.
    •  You will then drop 10 drops of “Pecunia Fortuna Diamond Line Demonic Potion” onto the crystals it will diffuse around 108 ft after an hour.
    • Replenish drops every 7 days. This potion is unbound and useable for anyone within 500ft within of this product. Meaning, you can use this diffuse it for your entire family. 

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