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Pharaoh Wealth Potion


There’s no nobility in poverty, and the “Pharaoh Wealth Potion” is for the one who is sick of just “getting by,” and wants to upgrade all of the material things in their life. 💰

This powerful life changing potion uses all the the male Demons of the Egyptian line to help you have the motivation, passion and ability to obtain your grand wealth aspirations, and to succeed in all your financial endeavors.

This powerful potion is perfect to use when looking to majorly level up your job, housing, vehicle, or even achieve a brand new channel of wealth.
This potion is a powerful Demonic ritual blessed blend that helps remove all obstacles, self esteem issues, lack of ambition, and helps clears a path for you to accomplish your goals and finally live like royalty.

How to Use: Carve your name on a gold chime candle and add 12 drops of the potion. Light the candle for 12 minutes and focus your intention into the flame.  💰

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