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Prodigal Deadbeat Male Figure Candle


7th Witch House is proud to introduce the “Prodigal Deadbeat Male Figure Candle.” 

Do you have someone in your life who is an embarrassment to you, and comfortable with not standing up, doing their part and providing? Do they spend your money, allow you to take care of them and still expect you to run on all cylinders? Have they lost respect for you and treated you as a wallet? 
Have they lost all ambition and sense of duty to you and their family? Are they feeling randomly entitled to what you worked hard for? 

We have a solution. Demons Namtaru, Hermes and Hades will do what’s needed to help light a fire under your targets end to do the work needed and to stop being such a leech to you, your energy, and what’s yours. It will also set the stage of to infuse ambition and duty to your infantile behaving and highly selfish/lazy target. 

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