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Professional Demonic Divination Box

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This box is the ULTIMATE Demonic tool kit for the practitioner that wants to be a Professional Demonic Witch/Spell Caster, a Professional Reader, or just simply for someone who just wants to be light years above all others in the areas of Divination, Necromancy, Astral Projection, and Demonic Magick.

Some of these potions are one-time-only sold potions to allow you to safely and professionally spell cast, astral project, jump aethyrs, divinate, and contact the divine. This kit comes with all that follows. 

Only 15 boxes will be sold. $600.

Approximate worth: $4700 
🔮 Naamah Foresight Potion
🔮Naamah Professional Witch Potion
🔮 Hecate Professional Divination Candle
🔮 Astral Projection Potion Spray
🔮Beelzebub Professional Necromancer Potion
🔮 Demonic Pendulum
🔮 Demonic Ouija Board
🔮 Egyptian Eye Potion
🔮 Selenite Wand
🔮 Emergency Seal of the 7th Protection Candle
🔮Anti-Angelic Palo Santo Clearing Sticks                          🔮 Demonic Conduit Shampoo & Body Wash



  • Demonic Conduit Shampoo & Body Wash: Use daily or as needed to do professional spell work. Place a desired amount on palm or washcloth and lather shampoo and body wash all over the body. Avoid getting in the eyes. Discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs. All spell work done, no additional rituals needed.
  • Naamah Foresight Potion: Use this potion before a divination session or before divinating for yourself. Carve your customer’s name on a white candle and anoint wick with 12 drops of the potion. (If doing the divination for yourself, write your own name). Light candle for 12 minutes and only divinate while the candle is lit.
  • Naamah Professional Witch Potion: Before casting a Professional spell, you will carve your customer’s name on a gold candle and anoint the wick of the candle with 12 drops of the potion. Light the candle for 12 minutes and while the candle is lit, speak into the flame your wish to effectively spell cast for that specific work day. The potion’s effects will last for 24 hours.
  • Hecate Professional Divination Candle: You will light the candle for at least 6 minutes while performing a reading, tarot, divination, or hypnotism work for a client. This candle will help properly clear the space and make sure all Demonic messages are strictly for your client.
  • Astral Projection Potion Spray: Pump 1-2 sprays on yourself before attempting to astral project, before meditation, or before sleep to effectively connect to the next Aethyr.
  • Beelzebub Professional Necromancer Potion: You will take a black candle and write the name of your client on one side and the name of the person that has passed and want to connect to, on the other side of the candle. Anoint the wick of the candle with 12 drops of the potion and burn for 12 minutes. You will chant the name of the person they wish to contact. You may use the pendulum, a pendulum board or the ritual by itself to receive divination messages.
  • Demonic Pendulum: Pendulum is demonically charged to be used for Professional or self use.
  • Demonic Ouija Board: Instructions included.
  • Egyptian Eye Potion: Carve your client’s name on a white candle, anoint wick with 6 drops of the potion and light for 6 minutes before doing any Professional spell casting service.
  • Mini Selenite Wand: To be placed on altar or near your magickal practice space to act as both an offering and conduit.
  • Emergency Seal of the 7th Protection Candle: Instructions included.
  • Anti-Angelic Palo Santo Clearing Sticks: Burn as needed to clear your space and yourself of any attached negative energies, especially when doing Professional spell work.


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