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Queens Chambers Love Potion


Queens Chambers keeps targets extremely loyal and fully in love and adoration of you. This is the equivelant to a "puppet master" of love. Best possible potion for extremely resistant targets that get in their own way. Removes blockages, bs excuses, and peter pan syndrome in a snap. Will make someone bend over backwards to be with you and make you happy. 

How to use: Place 12 drops of Queens Chambers potion onto the wick of a red candle with your targets name carved into the side. Stare at flame for 12 mins while imagining your target completely in love with and in total obsession over you. 
After 12 mins blow candle out and discard. This spell should be done anytime you feel your partners or targets affection waning, however it is not recommend to do more than 4 times a month. 

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