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Rejection Potion


This 7 week marinated, 24k gold packed potion powered by Demon “Naamah” helps when your man or woman is acting up. Maybe you’re in a fight or maybe they are cooling off. 

This will help snap their ass back in line and get back to loving you and being obsessed.
Some partners are difficult and some are a down right pain in the ass and are a bit resistant to magick. This is your solution.

You can use this alone or in combination with another love potion weekly on a red chime candle with your targets’ name inscribed until you see results. 12 drops on the wick and light for 12 minutes. Stare into the flame while focusing on your intent while chanting “Naamah.”
You can also rub your partner down with this potion for ultra fast results.

*This can also work to help in rejection and steal your lover situations.*

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