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Renovo Cognatio Diamond Line Diffuser


💎Renovo Cognatio Diamond Line Diffuser 💎

  • Renovo Cognatio is a premier Diamond line potion connected to Ptah and Tiamat through Demonic ritual can help everyone in the vicinity of the potion to renew their relationships and begin each day with a blank slate.
  • When using this potion diffuser, you and your loved ones in the home will be able to disassociate from the day prior if it went wrong, and start over again in love. 

  • You will love having the ability to bounce back from any negativity, shame, fighting, and upsets without a hiccup.
  • You will not be taken down for a week in depression and sadness over a disagreement or a bad situation.
  • This potion will effect each members mood on an individual and synergetic level.
  • Rewind hurt, pain and anger, and be given the strength to make it another day and succeed in life and love. 
  • *****This is the ultimate top line family and emotional bonding potion in existence. This potion is unmatchable in nature and enhanced by belief.
  • You will receive and unbound bottle of this never before publicly released Diamond line potion, a 24k gold rimmed bell jar, glass, authentic melting crystal, and wooden base.  
  • Each dose will diffuse across your entire home and have it’s effects work for one week at a time until replenished.
  • *When you receive your diffuser, place the melting crystal gemstones in 24k gold rim glass. Place that glass onto the wood base of the bell jar.
  •  You will then drop 10 drops of “Renovo Cognatio Diamond Line Demonic Potion” onto the Smokey quartz crystals it will diffuse around 108 ft after an hour.
  • Replenish drops every 7 days. This potion is unbound and useable for anyone within 500ft within of this product. Meaning, you can use this diffuse it for your entire family. 

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