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Return to Sender Potion


Return To Sender is a beyond powerful potion powered by Lucifer and the 7th, that will send the exact same punishment or affliction to someone that they have sent your way, or have afflicted upon you.
This can work on an affliction done magically or physically, mentally or emotionally.

Do not allow someone to steal your joy. Take your papers back and send everything someone hurt you with directly back to them!!!!! It does not matter if you know who or what sent afflictions your way.....this potion will give you revenge and send that pain right back.
You do not even need to know their name. Upon activation you will simply write “all  ” on your candle and everyone who has sent harm your way will be paid back to the fullest extreme.

Return To Sender

How to use:

*For strongest usage carve your enemy's name into side of black chime candle. Doing so will return curses or evil deeds done against you from a particular person within the last year.


** If you do not know your enemy's name and simply just "feel cursed or harmed" you may write "All " into the side of your chime candle.
Doing so will return curses or bad deeds against you from anyone and everyone who harmed you within the last 30 days.

- Take your candle and drop 12 drops of potion onto wick. Place candle on a flat and safe surface and light wick.
Candle will be lit 12 minutes.

After lighting, Say this spell three times:
"Redi ad me tergum et magos pestem ac quod ille qui nocuerunt mihi."

After saying spell, continue to stare at the flame and imagine the harm done to you being fiercely shot back at your enemy.

At the 12 minute mark blow out your candle and discard it.

Use potion again as needed in the future.


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