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Sekhmet Conduit Crown of the High Priestess


A High Priestess is an ascended spiritual leader and counselor who has devoted her life to facilitating healing and growth for herself and others. They often serve as mediators between the physical world and the spiritual realms, helping people find their own inner truth, strength, and wisdom. They are usually well versed in many forms of divination such as tarot readings and other forms of spiritual guidance. High Priestesses often lead rituals or ceremonies for their communities, and are the keepers of ancient wisdom. They guide others on journeys of healing, transformation, and self-discovery by helping them access the power within themselves to make positive changes in life. Additionally, they offer support as they navigate difficult times or transitions, and stand firm in the face of chaos.

This demonically bound conduit crown of Sekhmet helps you connect with her intuitive power of being able to take direction from the Gods, and turn a vision into a reality while standing firm in the face of chaos and change. Sekhmet was the priestess of the 7th, and was able to take the chaotic masculine energy of the 7th, and delegate change amongst the people in a peaceful, inspiring and motivating way.

With this crown and it’s demonic ritual, you will be able to better understand the will of the Demons, and and then implement their guidance in your life and the lives of others in ways that bear plentiful fruit in your life in regards to all areas of magick. You will better understand your purpose, potential, peace, and ultimately become empowered in your inevitable ascension.

This masterpiece of a crown arrives in custom luxury packaging, and comes with the activation ritual, sigil and candle needed to complete your rite of the high priest/priestess.

You may be of any gender or orientation in use of this majestic magickal tool.

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