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Sidreal Advanced Demonic Sex Potion


The most ethereal and mind blowing sex potion yet. Sidreal gives your target a feeling of floating in the stars during sex,  as well as during masturbation using this potion with you in mind. Long after sex it will leave your target with an intoxicating and addicting "hair standing on end" sensation in your presence. This addicting feeling will make them want repeat sex. Can be used long or short distance. Can also be used for sex in very advanced astral projections or demonic sex workings.


Carve your target's name on a red chime candle and anoint candle with 6 drops of potion. Light the candle for 6 minutes and discard candle after use. While the candle is lit, focus you intention and imagine your target in deep lust, passion and need for you. The spell will last 48 hours and can be repeated as needed. 

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