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Soul Snatcher Diamond Potion Set

$500.00 $2,700.00

The Soul Snatcher:

With this Triple Diamond Potion you can rest assured that your target will not use or take advantage of you – they will be devoted to you and put your interests first. For you will represent their very purpose for being.

This incredible formula has been designed to ensure that your partner not only puts you first, but also stays faithful and obsessed with you.

From this potion you will retain:

The ability to bring your target a sexual and love experience that defies all rational expectations.

A fidelity based firm hold on their words, fantasies and actions.

The ability to have even the most difficult targets succumb to your charm.

Zero reasonable competition for their affections.

Zealous attentiveness to your needs and desires.

A target who would value you more than they value their own life.

A target who attempts to learn and take care of your wants and needs first regardless of your giving personality.

This potion is truly revolutionary, and is meant to only be used judiciously. You may only use this with a designated target to finally receive the affection and love you always wanted.

Potion Set includes:

• Soul Snatcher Potion

•  Soul Snatcher Potion Spray 

•  Soul Snatcher Potion Bar

• Soul Snatcher Potion Bath Salts 

• Soul Snatcher Invocation Piece

• Soul Snatcher Potion Roller

• Soul Snatcher Ritual 

• Red Chime Candle

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