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Sugar Rush 3 Pack Wax Melts

$100.00 $375.00

Are things getting stale? Do you want to feel that first love excitement again? 🎢

This incredibly fun and flirty 3 pack of demonically bound potion wax melts will certainly create the electric current  of excitement and sexual tension you’ve been looking for!

This set includes three enticing new 7th Witch House Potion Wax Melts.

Each wax melt is to be used with the 7th Witch House Wax Burner, and comes with 40 hours worth of potion burning each. Target does not have to be present for this to work. Instructions will clarify.

The potions in this set are: 

• Flirtatious: To make your target want to have playful flirtatious interactions with you.

• Sexual Spark: To make your target intensely desire sex with you at that moment as if it were your first sexual interaction. Creates a “newness and excitement ” around you and the topic of sex for them. 

• Hypnotic: Bound to Hedona to make someone obsessively crave your physical presence. 

All potion melt scents range from sweet candy  to cinammon candy. 🍭

All instructions included. 

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