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Tear Jerker Hex Black Diamond Potion


Tear Jerker Hex 🫢☔️🔥

Introducing "Tear Jerker Hex," the latest hex marvel from The 7th Witch House.

This 1oz vial of black diamond hex potion, intricately bound to demons; Pazuzu and Forcalor, who are as powerful as they are devious.

This divine hex potion is your ticket to the most wickedly delightful retribution of emotional upheaval within your target for 10 solid days at a time per ritual performed. At least 30 rituals per bottle possible. 🫨

Crafted for the scorned, the abandoned, the playful, and the downright mischievous, "Tear Jerker" throws down an unforgettably horrific emotional and embarrassing experience for your target.

It's the perfect antidote to a love gone awry or a cheeky jab at the unfaithful.

Imagine the look on their face, tears streaming down as they realize that intimacy, and any sexual attempts now causes them to cry uncontrollably as soon as it begins with anyone else BUT YOU. 🤣

Why settle for ordinary revenge when you can have them crying a river?

At $250, "Tear Jerker" is poetic justice served cold and wet.

After all, why should you be the only one crying over spilled milk?

Let "Tear Jerker" do the heavy lifting and watch as your target's love life turns into a tearful disaster. 🤣

So, whether you're a lover scorned or just in it for the giggles, "Tear Jerker" promises to be the most fun you've had since they broke your heart.

Let the tears flow, and remember – it's not pettiness, it's poetic justice.

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You do not need to be near your target or even in a relationship or contact with them for it to work.
🔥 #pazuzu #forcalor

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