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Tyche Conduit Crown of Prosperity


This crystal masterpiece to behold is bound to the beautiful Demonic financial phenomenon; Tyche, who lends her unending financial power and luck to the wearer of this crown.

When worn, in combination with performing it’s demonic ritual, amplifies the user's magickal abilities, luck, Wealth magnetism, and grants them much greater prosperity.

The bearer of this crown can tap into Tyche's power and wield it to achieve their desired outcome. It is said that those who wear this crown will have an unending fortune, as long as they remain loyal to the demon Tyche.

In addition, any demonic wealth incantation cast while wearing this crown will be exceptionally more powerful, amplifying its effects and allowing greater success in whatever endeavor the wearer decides to pursue.

Those who wear the crown and remain loyal to Tyche are said to be blessed with great success and phenomenal financial luck.

Nevertheless, it remains an incredibly powerful tool that can grant immense power and prosperity to its wearer. For any magician looking for a greater edge in their endeavors, this is an invaluable majestic artifact.

This masterpiece of a crown arrives in custom luxury packaging, and comes with the activation ritual, sigil and candle needed to complete your Tyche Rite of Prosperity 

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