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🌫 Villain 🌫
The Villain Diamond Line is a potion of unrivaled power.

🌫Lucifer is no stranger to being misunderstood and labeled as a villain. Luckily Lucifer is also a master of transmutation along side Choronzon. Lucifer does not buckle, cower, or cave….therefore he rises to immeasurable strengths and abilities in the face of his enemies, opposition and pain. 

🌫This here before you is a dangerously powerful potion candle tied directly to Lucifer himself, that allows you to consume energy and power from all those who intend you harm. 

🌫You will be able to bask in the center of the storm and soak in the energy and strength of all your enemies.

🌫Enjoy the gift of invigoration, strength, wealth, and pure joy phenomenally transmuted from your enemies bad intentions toward you.

🌫You may also have the pleasure of witnessing your enemies be completely drained of energy, blessings, wealth, life, love and happiness.

🌫 The more unjustified enemies or hate you have thrown your way, the more you shall rise in greatness. Turn your misery into pure power! 

One of the most important lessons in life is how to find joy in chaos. This can get you there. Do not miss out on this limited edition Diamond Line Masterpiece!

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