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Wealth Magick Mastery (ebook)


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This book will not make you feel comfortable. What you will see inside the pages of this book will make waves. It will get people talking. It will make people nervous. It will make people upset. This is fine because we are not here to make friends, or to make anyone feel comfortable. We are here to teach you real Black Magick that works. We are here to make you wealthier than you ever imagined. We are Legion. 

If you are reading this book, it is safe to say that you long for success. Success requires change. Change requires being open minded enough to do things differently. We do things differently. You must decide whether you want to keep playing it safe with books that may have gotten you a little extra pocket change, or if you are ready to become rich.

You will not find safe salt circles, sage smudging, or Angelic protections in this book. God does not exist beyond these pages. You will find the Demonic Sigil Magick that is used by some of the wealthiest businessmen, entertainers, and superpowers of the world. You will find out how to obtain wealth and fame through Demonic Sigil Magick. You will find actual financial freedom. 

This book will not be for skeptics, the weak minded, the lazy or those too scared to make change. This book is for serious practitioners. This book is for those who will do what it takes to live a life that most may never be able to. If you are serious about changing your life, then take your first step and follow my lead.

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